Live-blogging a painting, part 2

This is the continuation of yesterday's live-blogging experiment. Thanks for all the encouragement - this is some effort, but it's also fun (and helpful to me).

Starting in the upper left, the darkest blue is laid in.

Here some of the brighter pattern is painted, since much of this area is under shadow, I need to take care not to let the values get too light.

Moving into the area with greater light. It's a little tricky to control progression of 2 shades of blue. Also, it felt like it was time to lay some color down for the spoon and the cup interior, just so I could start feeling my way.

Corrections to the hues and values of the spoon and cup interior.

Finishing the background pattern. Notice, of course, that I'm not painting to the edge - this is to take advantage of the really beautiful brushed metal ground.

The exterior of the cup. There really is no such thing as absolute color; the cup is picking up reflected light from everything else; the background cloth, the wood surface, the saucer.

Painting in the direct reflections and the bounced light on the lower part of the cup.

Cast shadow on the saucer. One of the subtler light effects to look for is double-reflection. In this case, the light hitting the edge of the rim bounces back onto the body of the cup. Some of that light in turn bounces into the cast shadow. I didn't necessarily do a great job of it, but when somebody really nails it, it's completely beautiful.

From here it's pretty straightforward; painting the underside of the saucer, laying down the cast shadow on the wood (where there's another opportunity to paint a double reflection), and the surface area of the wood.

Smoothing out the brushstrokes, signed, and finished.

The Finished Painting:
Painting a day: Teacup and Silver Spoon
"Fragment: Teacup and Silver Spoon"
Oil on aluminum, 4 x 2.25 inches

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