Lemon Tea No. 2

Lemon Tea No. 2
Oil on masonite, 4 x 4 inches

Several years ago I promised a small painting for a friend of mine. That promise went straight to my good intentions list, and although I thought of it from time to time, nothing happened. Last week he gently prodded me on the subject, and so I finally made good on it. He mentioned that he really liked the Lemon Tea Fragment painting, and that his wife would love anything with a teacup in it. So, I decided to do a small painting using the entire composition from that fragment.

Lately I've been drawn to the incomplete background effect. It gives a sketch-like feeling without being overly sketchy; puts the artifice of the painting in full view. I haven't decided whether to fully paint the background before presenting it, but for the moment I like it the way it is.