How Landscape Influences Still Life

In progress

At the end of my trip to India last month, I wondered how it might influence my painting. It's unlikely (though not impossible) that I might do some landscapes based on what I saw. It's almost certain that I'll be doing some still lifes with Indian and Tibetan objects I brought back or already owned. Both influences are quite obvious and expected.

The pleasant surprise, however, has been this painting. When I arranged the salt shakers, it was a deliberate reflection of the domed rooflines and minarets that were still fresh in my mind. It wasn't based on any one building or location, but was very much a composite of images like the one below.

It's a connection across genres that I hadn't really thought of before, and now it seems kind of intriguing. It would be artificially forcing things to start pouring through my trip pictures for still life inspirations, but I'll be open to these sorts of ideas as they arise.

Maybe. Or maybe this is just a one-off sort of thing.

Hindu Temple at Dusk
Old Town, Jodhpur

During my stay at Jodhpur, I ate a few meals at a rooftop restaurant in the old town. The food was specifically aimed at tourists, and frankly sucked, but the views were amazing, giving a full 360-degree view of the city. I actually had to walk through the courtyard of this temple to get to the restaurant. This particular night, I was the only person in the place; it was just magic to watch the light fade over the city and feel the desert night really come alive.

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