Fragment: Close Orbit

Painting a day: Close Orbit
"Fragment: Close Orbit"
Oil on brushed aluminum, 1.75 x 4.75 Inches

I'm pretty sure a lot of readers will be interested in the support for today's painting, so I'll get right to it. Yesterday afternoon I was cleaning my basement workshop, and came across a package of small copper and aluminum sheets. Copper in particular has been used as a support for hundreds of years, though perhaps less now than in the past. I've been interested in experimenting with it for some time, and I purchased the sheets about 2 years ago. Naturally I didn't get around to using them then, they got buried under a stack of other things, etc, etc, etc...

The preparation of the metal surface is fairly simple. First I mounted the sheet to hardboard using a multi-purpose adhesive. The surface then needs to be thoroughly brushed with a very fine steel wool to give some tooth. It then needs to be cleaned with denatured alcohol. At this point, a primer could be applied, but I chose not to, as I wanted to take advantage of the look of the bare metal itself as background. From here, I proceeded as normal; sketch, underpainting, finish.

It is a WONDERFUL surface to paint on. By its very nature, it's smoother than anything I've ever used, and it accepts paint in a very efficient and responsive way; the paint seems like it just flows from the brush. I'm so happy I tried this, and will definitely be using it for upcoming work.

Fragments is a new series of very small paintings, generally in the ACEO format, or 2.5 x 3.5 inches. They are studies for upcoming works, details from previous pieces, or simply found objects which caught my attention. I debated how to price these, and finally opted to make them extremely accessible and affordable. For the time being, the starting bids will be set at just $25.

Please click on the image or the purchase information link and have a look!

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