Fragment: Brass Handle

Painting a day: Brass Handle
"Fragment: Brass Handle"
Oil on masonite, 2.5 x 3.5 Inches

This is another example of the very close cropping lending a somewhat abstract feel to the painting. The original, larger composition felt a little unbalanced to me, so I decided not to use it. However the area where the brass handle and the crystal saltshaker (yes, that's what the background actually is) overlapped was interesting to me, so it seemed like a really good candidate for this kind of treatment. I have worked with cropped compositions before, but taking it to this degree is somewhat new for me; I really like it.

As with yesterday's Fragment, I skipped the underpainting with this one. Always working with a grisaille robs me of the pleasure of seeing the completely rendered object emerging from the empty surface. It's a nice effect, and I'm going to experiment with leaving a few backgrounds unfinished. With these small sketch-like paintings, it will be totally appropriate, I think.

Fragments is a new series of very small paintings, generally in the ACEO format, or 2.5 x 3.5 inches. They are studies for upcoming works, details from previous pieces, or simply found objects which caught my attention. I debated how to price these, and finally opted to make them extremely accessible and affordable. For the time being, the starting bids will be set at just $25.

Please click on the image or the purchase information link and have a look!

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