Fragment: Bottleneck No. 1

Painting a day: Bottleneck No. 1
"Fragment: Bottleneck No. 1"
Oil on masonite, 3.5 x 2.5 inches

When I started the Fragments series, I hadn't counted on the degree to which I'd feel free to experiment with it. If I'm spending 3 full days or more working on a larger piece, I get a little cautious about it. But with these little pieces, I've only got an hour or two invested, and taking a few risks is pretty easy. For instance, this painting: The subject matter is pretty quirky, but really appeals to me (there's probably even a series in there, so I called it #1). Also, as I mentioned, lately I'm drawn to the incomplete background, so I included it here.

Obviously, these aren't huge risks I'm taking, but even so, it feels good when they work out.

Fragments is a new series of very small paintings, generally in the ACEO format, or 2.5 x 3.5 inches. They are studies for upcoming works, details from previous pieces, or simply found objects which caught my attention. I debated how to price these, and finally opted to make them extremely accessible and affordable. For the time being, the starting bids will be set at just $25.

Please click on the image or the purchase information link and have a look!

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