Collecting Props

No new work today; I had errands to run, and wasn't able to get into the studio. At the end of the day, I stopped in at a local home furnishing store. I almost never leave this place empty-handed, and they're almost always things that I hope to include in paintings eventually. See above for today's haul.

I assume every serious still life painter accumulates a lot of props. I certainly have; they line shelves in my studio, fill up an entire good-sized closet, and spill out into other rooms of the house. They're not really contributing to the home decor in any meaningful way, they're just sort of... there... everywhere.

Many, if not even most, of these items have not appeared in paintings, and maybe never will. But that's ok. Developing compositions is for me a dynamic, improvisatory process. I begin with one arrangement, and then start pulling things off the shelf to add to the mix and subtract from it. This can go on for hours, and is actually my favorite part of making paintings. It's less important that any one particular item gets used; it's extremely important that they all be there to fire my imagination.

More new paintings next week, and I will also make last month's Silver Teapot available for purchase on Monday.