Captive Lemon No. 3

Painting a day: Captive Lemon No. 3
"Captive Lemon No. 3"
Oil on masonite, 6 x 3.5 Inches

Last month I posted several in-process shots of this painting. It's now available for purchase on eBay; click the image or the "purchase information" link above.

As I mentioned then, I've painted this motif a number of times before (at least twice; the other ones aren't labeled sequentially, so No. 3 seemed like a pretty good number for this one). The difference and the challenge here was painting the drapery folds. They've always seemed difficult to me, I'll let you judge the success for yourself.

Aside from this painting, there's nothing new for today. I've been going full speed since coming back from my trip, really only taking 1 or 2 days off (including weekends and the holidays). It's starting to show with that frayed feeling around the edges, so I gave myself a break today... I did nothing, and it was glorious.

Tomorrow I should be back with another Fragment and hopefully some in-progress shots of a small painting I'm doing for a friend.

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