Still in Jodhpur

So my flight from Jodhpur to Bangalore has been delayed for 2 days now. A couple of days ago I came down with a lousy cold. Then on Tuesday night I got food poisoning. By yesterday morning sitting up in bed required real effort; packing was out of the question, much less travelling across the subcontinent. Fortunately, Wendy & I bought Cipro (antibiotic) a few weeks ago. It seems to have worked, since the food poisoning effects are mostly gone.

As a humorous aside, the gentleman who owns the guesthouse here is very formal and courteous, and has greeted me with a proper handshake every time I've seen him. After the cold started kicking in, I told him we shouldn't shake hands since I didn't wish to infect him. At this he scoffed, gave me a pitying look, and proclaimed "We Indians are STRONG!". He furiously shook hands with me, and I've been observing him closely since. I haven't seen any adverse signs, so he may be right...

At any rate, I'm not totally out of the woods, but I was ready to travel this morning. And, of course, the flight to Bangalore was fully booked today. So I'm here in Jodhpur for one more day. I'm sorely tempted to climb the hill and see the fortress, which I didn't get to, but I really don't want to aggravate my cold with 2 full days of travelling ahead of me. The Tibetans have a nice saying: "always leave something undone for next time".

And I am so ready to go home. I want to see Sean. I want to see our dogs (our sweet old Great Dane is clearly nearing the end of his days, but he might just hang on long enough for me to see him again). I want to see my friends. I want to eat a pizza, take a long hot shower, and sleep for about 12 hours in our very comfortable bed. A month has felt like a very long time to be gone. I actually have gone on several long trips before, but they've been to Europe. Europe and America are pretty much different sides of the same coin, culturally speaking, while in many ways India is just radically different. Much to my surprise, for the first time in my life I've felt genuinely homesick, and seriously considered cutting the trip short several on several occassions.

But I did not, and I have the pictures, experience, and a touch more insight to prove it. And tomorrow I start to make my way home.

Unless of course my flight to Bangalore gets canceled...

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