Jodhpur: as far as I go

I've been in Jodhpur for the last few days, and it turns out that this is the farthest I go on this trip. I haven't exactly been enjoying myself the last 4-5 days. The feeling out on the streets has been aggressive and rude (one guy refused to let me in his cab because I'm an American), and I've been in a pretty surly mood myself. I wrote a few ill-tempered posts that I wisely did not publish.

Add to that the fact that I came down with a killer cold yesterday, and I'm in no mood to soldier on to Jaipur, and then fly home from Delhi. Instead, I'm flying back to Bangalore tomorrow, chill out there for a couple of days, and then head home from there (my original ticket had me leaving from Bangalore; I would have had to redo the ticket to leave from Delhi).

So today I did have one of those redemptive moments that have occurred so often on this trip. I spent most of the day in bed except for a foray out to buy medicine (and that was special, let me tell you). By late afternoon I decided to drag myself up to the rooftop terrace and maybe sketch the fortress. After a while, I stopped sketching to just absorb the delicate pink-violet tones of the desert dusk. A 3/4 moon hung over the fort, while several dozen hawks glided on thermals over the structure. Suddenly, loudspeakers all over the city crackled to life with the call for afternoon prayer, while the drums and cymbals of a wedding procession snakes through the streets below.


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