Jeff & Wendy are Okay

I have gotten a lot of inquiries and calls about Jeff & Wendy, and I am happy to report that they're both doing fine. I waited until the time I thought they'd be getting up; and, sure enough, they were both blissfully unaware of what's happened in Mumbai. They'll stay put where they are now (visiting Ajanta) and reassess the rest of their travel after a couple of days.

Jeff won't be able to post for at least a couple of days. If I hear anything, I'll let everyone know. For now, they're safe and enjoying themselves tremendously. Apparently, they managed to "pick up a couple of monks on their way to Ajanta," so they have wonderful company to share their visit. And Jeff was very happy to finally have gone through a full night of power and a hot shower (he called it "sanctuary"), the first time he enjoyed either since he left the US.

Sean (Jeff's partner)

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