Teacup and Teapot

Painting a day: Teacup and Teapot
"Teacup and Teapot"
Oil on masonite, 5 x 6 Inches

I seem to be indulging my Orientalist streak lately; this painting, the previous one, and a number of upcoming efforts all include Asian objects.

The teapot came from an unusual yard sale. The gentleman holding it turned out to be a professor and author who had written numerous books on Asian history. He was selling off part of the collection from his travels in the area. Some of the items were exquisite; far too good for a yard sale. I think this teapot was only a few dollars, but I did pay quite a lot more for a beautiful lacquered box. I've been trying to work that box into a still life, but haven't found the right way to do it yet.

From a compositional perspective, one thing that's been interesting me lately is arranging objects so they essentially evolve out of shadow. I only somewhat did it with this painting - the right side of the teapot - but I think I will explore this motif as well in upcoming pieces.

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