Copper Creamer and Blue Plate

Painting a day: Copper Creamer and Blue Plate
"Copper Creamer and Blue Plate"
Oil on linen on masonite, 5 x 6 Inches

This copper creamer turned out to be an odd little object to work with. I tried it in a number of different settings and arrangements, but nothing quite satisfied.

I decided to go bold by placing it on a very similarly-colored background cloth. The objects were also very nearly centered, with a strong vertical line exactly down the center (that's really stretching a fairly important compositional rule).

Sometimes risks pay off. I think in this case the plate provides a good enough contrast for the creamer, and the strong diagonals of the shadows work against the centering of the objects. That was my goal, anyway.

Also - for any reader who might be completely new to this blog - I have another blog which is an almost daily discussion of my process and in-progress paintings. You can read it at Watching Paint Dry.


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