30 Second Update

In Progress: Blue Plate and Copper Creamer

Just a quick check-in here to let you all know I'm still around... no, I'm not even on vacation (though that seems like a really good idea today).

First, A couple of new paintings are ready to go; the image above is one of them while it was in progress. I'll probably post these here and on eBay next week. It would be nice to have them coincide with my August newsletter. Yes, I have been bad about getting my newsletters out lately. But this month I am trying!

Second, thanks to everyone who is participating in my painting give-away. A couple of people have let me know about postings, and some of these are not showing up on my Technorati listing. Several other bloggers have observed that Techorati has not been reliable lately. So... when I select the winner on Sunday (August 10), I'll augment the Technorati information with a Google search for this blog's URL. I'm sincerely hoping between the two it will accurately reflect everybody who participates. Of course, if anybody notices that their entry does not show up on the listing, and would like to send me an email as confirmation, that would be great. Send to:

OK, so that was a 45 second update...

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