Win this painting

Marble Trio
Oil, 2 x 2.5 inches

OK, so here's the deal. I'm always interested in spreading the word about this blog and expanding the readership, so I'm giving away the above painting in hopes of doing exactly that.

Entering the drawing is easy. If I'm not already on your blogroll, just add me. If I already am on your blogroll, mention me in a posting including a link to this blog. Although I will count posts that say something like "I'm only writing this to win Jeff's painting", my preference would be to see a brief review of some kind. It doesn't have to be lengthy, flattering, or even complimentary, though naturally I'd hope most people would find something nice to say.

On August 10, I'll check my Technorati listing, and randomly choose from the links and postings added between now and then. The winner will receive the above miniature absolutely free, shipping and all (of course, the winning blog must have a clear way for me to make contact via email).

Granted, this drawing is only open to other bloggers. However, I'll be giving away another one of these miniatures in my August newsletter, which I'll also be sending around the 10th. To be eligible for that, you only need to be on my newsletter list. If you currently are not, look for the word "subscribe" in red on the right, and enter your email address in the box below.