Knife, Wineglass, and Peeled Lemon

Painting a day: Knife, Wineglass, and Peeled Lemon
"Knife, Wineglass, and Peeled Lemon"
Oil on masonite, 6 x 5 Inches

I probably should hesitate to think of certain paintings as turning points, where everything before was bad, and everything after was good. Most artists probably turn out a few dogs in the middle of a good run, and likewise an occassional great painting in the middle of a losing streak.

Nevertheless, I feel like this one is a step up for me. For one thing, it was almost entirely painted under magnification, which gives it a level of detail I haven't been able to hit before. Painting highly detailed miniatures, it might seem like a no-brainer to use magnification, and yet I only started experimenting with it a few months ago. This is the first painting where I used it throughout the entire process. Better late than never. I also feel like the lighting, composition, and textures all came together here in a successful way.

This isn't to suggest that everything from now on will be a masterpiece. Hardly. In fact I'm feeling a little disappointed with my current in-progress painting; have to wait and see how that turns out. But, I do think in general this one points the way forward.

Hope you all enjoy it as well.

OH! and I don't want to miss this opportunity to plug my new discussion blog: Watching Paint Dry, for a daily look inside my studio and posts about how my paintings are made.

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