Brand Spankin' New Blog!

I've been blogging for a while - almost 3 years now. Not exactly a new thing for me, and at some point I even slipped over the Long Time Blogger line. But... I still feel like I'm figuring things out as I go; it's a continuous learning curve.

Lately, it's become clear that more frequent posts and discussions about my working process would be a really good thing - not to mention avoiding the extended absences I've had to take from blogging over the last year (not my fault... really... but's that's irrelevant now).

Naturally, my first thought was simply posting here more often. Makes sense, except that I've also come to view this more or less as a showroom for new paintings. Displaying them next to extended rants about painting techniques felt like it would be muddying the waters a little too much. I'd also like to let my hair down a little (crew-cut notwithstanding) and be a little more informal; I doubt anyone wants to hear me talk about art like a black-clad gallery drone.

So, I've decided to split this into 2 separate blogs. State of the Art (what you're reading right now), will be my gallery blog going forward, showing each and every new painting, roughly twice a week. Watching Paint Dry will be my discussion blog, where I will try to post every working day, be it images of in-progress paintings, thoughts about techniques and materials, and maybe a few art-in-general discussions.

I've been writing there for a week now, and the doors are open: Have a look. If you think having two sites is a crazy idea, let me know. If you think it's an inspired approach to art blogging, I can probably handle hearing that too.

Give it a read and say hi; I'd love to hear from you all!