Podcasts, etc.

These days I mostly listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I work, and it seems not to interfere with the act of painting at all... in fact it ends up being a very enjoyable combination. Clear evidence that visual and verbal activities occupy different parts of the brain, I imagine.

Anyway, I thought I'd link to a few of my favorites as an appreciation, in no particular order.

AstronomyCast What the name says - weekly astronomy-related shows.
Librivox Free audiobooks: public domain literature read by volunteers.
The History Of Rome Weekly episodes, starting with the founding of the city.
12 Byzantine Rulers History of Byzantine Empire.
Well Told Tales SciFi, horror, and hard-boiled short stories.
Escape Pod Contemporary SciFi short stories.
My History Can Beat Up Your Politics Today's news in historical perspective.
This American Life Public radio show. Quirky. Brilliant.

I actually do have a new painting ready to go, but I'll wait to start the auction tomorrow (Monday). Look for it early afternoon.