Shelf Painting: Mexican Ceramic

Shelf Painting: Mexican Ceramic
oil on masonite on oak, 2 x 2 inches

While I've been working on some larger pieces, I thought I'd offer a few "Shelf Paintings". Mounted on blocks of solid oak, they are free-standing pieces, and would look great on shelves, tables, desks, etc.

This humble little mexican ceramic has shown up in at least a dozen of my paintings. I bought it for about 25 cents at an open-air market in Tepoztlan, which is a small town about an hour from Mexico City. The woman selling them was 90 years old if she was a day, so I didn't even bargain over the price - besides, I was too exhausted from climbing up a sheer cliff to see some pre-columbian ruins. Anyway... I love it, and it's likely to show up in even more paintings.

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