Easel Project... part 1

Any project takes way longer than your first estimate. On friday I thought I'd be done with this one by the end of the weekend. Not even close.

Anyway, I'm making some modifications to my easel (Richeson/Best Santa Fe II). First, the small tilting work tray was simply not cutting it for me, so I built what is essentially a long narrow desk with a sliding palette. This way, everything I need - palette, brushes, mediums, etc. are directly in front of me at all times, and I'll have to do a minimum amount of turning and reaching while at work. That part of it is clearly visible in the picture. The second part is to build a small framework to hold the panels while working. That's sort of visible as a mockup - all the odd pieces of scrap lumber where a canvas normally goes. This part is still in progress. Once the whole thing is done, I'll post a better pic.