Painting and Sausage (works in progress)

Somebody once observed that legislation and sausages had something in common: you were better off not knowing how either one was made. In the back of my head, I've always figured the same was true for art. Not that anybody would be revolted to see how a painting was made, but probably nobody would be interested. This turns out not to be true. Last summer I made short movies from time-lapse photos showing the progress of several paintings. I got a lot of positive feedback, and have heard pretty often that I should make more.


Rather than trying to string together images showing the entire process, I thought I'd do some that simply showed about a day's worth of work. Since I work on a number of paintings simultaneously, there should be some variety.

This first one is the work done on the final layer of one of my smaller pieces (the drawing and underpainting were already completed).


(Apologies for the sound problems - they're fixed now)

...and a slightly better picture of the current state (it is a work in progress):

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