The Start of Something Beautiful

As my painting has evolved, my working methods have changed as well. In the past, I would simply take a brush and lay right into a blank canvas, developing the painting as I went. That worked very well for a looser, more impressionistic style. However, as I've moved towards a tighter realism, I've found the need to begin paintings with very detailed drawings, before I even touch a brush. This, for instance, is the drawing for the large (24x30) still life I mentioned a few days ago. It's admittedly not a great photo, but you can see that there's quite a lot of detail. You might also notice the grid covering the whole canvas. I've found this to be an invaluable aid for many aspects of drawing, like making correct ellipses.
I'm a little uncomfortable anymore about posting images of works in progress (at least the painting part), so this is the last I'll show this canvas until it's complete.

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