Big New Sushi Paintings

I have a couple of larger new sushi paintings I thought it might be fun to show. These are outside the scope of my daily paintings project, so I have not posted them here before now. I have drawings complete for a few new pieces, so I'll be adding to this series before long.

Sushi Unagi, Tamago

"Unagi, Tamago"
Oil on linen on masonite
For those who don't eat a lot of sushi, unagi is smoked eel, and tamago is a sort of omelette, cut up and presented like its fish counterparts.

Sushi Three's a Crowd
"Three's a Crowd"
Oil on linen on masonite
This is a larger version of a daily painting from a few months ago.

Sushi No. 14
"Sushi No. 14"
Oil on linen
And a big one; this is the largest sushi painting I've done so far.

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