Day Trip to Providence

I had an excellent trip to sample some of the artistic life in Providence, RI today. Although I'm only an hour away, it's been close to 5 years since I've been there; it was way overdue.

First stop was Shawn Kenney's studio - he's an artist whose work I admire a lot. Check out his daily food paintings, and also his Will Paint For Food project- some of the proceeds go to support local food banks.

Lunch at the Providence Art Club was a delight. The dining room was pretty much what I image an 18th century tavern to be like; dark, cozy interiors, panelling and fireplaces everywhere, with the twist that a lot of the decorations have been done by generations of members - little gems of decor sparkling everywhere. It's unique... unfortunately so, becuase every town in the world should have a place like this.

After lunch, visits to a number of galleries - starting with the member's exhibit at the Providence Art Club. Then a stop a Design Within Reach - a national design/furniture store that also displays works by local artists. Gallery Z is a small and eclectic gallery offering some painting and a lot of photography (at least in the current show). Somewhat unusually for me, I spent most of my time looking at the photography, especially Dorthe Alstrup.

I rounded off the afternoon (after some terrific carrot cake) with a little wandering - just driving and walking pretty much aimlessly, getting a sense of the city and reaquainting myself with it. In short, I rediscovered that I loved the place - it has a comfortable, intimate feel to it that I find endlessly appealing, and a really vibrant arts scene (of course I only saw a few of the galleries in town). It won't be 5 years before my next visit, I'm pretty sure.

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