Careful readers of this blog will notice that I haven’t posted a thing for the last week. True. I haven’t exactly stepped off the face of the earth; instead I’ve been mind-numbingly busy preparing for upcoming shows. Over the next three months I have four shows and events to get ready for… seven, if you count my First Friday openings. When I left the corporate womb last year to paint fulltime, I was totally unprepared for how much work there was to it that didn’t involve painting. It’s 10 pm on Sunday, and I’ve spent the entire weekend doing business chores, except for a foray to the Brazilian barbeque last night and a few minutes here and there staring blankly at the fire in the fireplace today… and I didn’t even lift a brush. Still… beats working for The Man.

Anyway, a good chunk of it’s behind me now, and I’ll have daily paintings coming up all week.