Pieter Claesz

Pieter Claesz has long been one of my favorite painters, so I was thrilled when I heard a book devoted to him was recently published (it's a companion to a travelling exhibit of his paintings that I unfortunately missed last year). After being on backorder for a month, it finally arrived this week, and I spent happy hours devouring it. The text consists of four long essays; one historical, one biographical, and two critical. They're written in a style of scholarly interpretation that normally doesn't hold my interest for long, but I did learn new and worthwhile things. The real glory of the book though, it the art; dozens and dozens of nearly full-page reproductions of Claesz's gentle miracles.

Anybody with even a casual interest in still-life should consider adding this to their libraries. In my opinion, it is required reading for artists. This is not a book for your coffee table or to be casually lent out to friends. This one is for your nightstand.

From Amazon: Pieter Claesz, Master of Haarlem Still Life