Haiku: Strawberry:$50

Haiku: Strawberry
Oil on Panel, 2.5" x 3.5"
$50 (unframed, free domestic shipping, $5 international)

In addition to my somewhat larger weekday Paintings-A-Day, I'm now starting to offer smaller pieces on weekends, which I'm calling my "Haiku" series. These are original oil on panel paintings, and are typically smaller than 10 square inches. Rather than offering these as eBay auctions, for now at least I'll be making them directly available here on my blog. The cost for each will be $50, unframed, and I will ship them for free to a US address. International shipping will be $5 (I may adjust this downward if I've overestimated). The first person to email me about the painting can reserve it until payment is received.