Shows & Such

It's a busy day leading into a busy weekend. Sean wanted to go to the local Great Dane show this morning, so we were up at 5:30 (yeah... I can't express how happy I was about that), packed the pup in the car, and headed off for the first few hours of the show. All I'll say is this: If you've ever seen the movie Best in Show, it's true... all of it.

I'm making all of my last minute preparations for tonight's show, which I've entitled Haiku: Small Paintings, Big Art. It's at my Boston studio located at 450 Harrison Ave, Studio 201, from 5-9pm. Please stop by if you're in the area.

On Wednesday some friends told me about a wet paint event they're participating in on Saturday. Of course, the selection of the artists happened months ago, but I called the director, just in case. No such luck. However, yesterday afternoon she called back, and it so happens that there had just been an artist cancellation, so I will be participating after all. It's in the city of Lawrence, about 45 miles north of Boston. It's the classic old New England industrial town, filled with partially abandoned and decaying factories, mills, and warehouses, many of them built at the very height of Victorian industrial design. Lawrence hit bottom, and is on the way back up, which is both good and a little bad; I'm afraid gentrification might rob it of some of it's character.

Anyway, I already scouted out my possible painting locations, and tomorrow morning, myself and 39 other artists will spread out throughout the city and each produce a painting to be completed by mid-afternoon. In the evening there is a gala auction of all the works. I've heard this is a tremendous event, and I'm very excited about it. If you're in the area, the info is here... please come!

And then on Sunday, I'm going to get to an outdoor sculpture garden show west of the city.