Degenerate Youth and Wall Colors

I am absolutely stuffed after the first cookout of the summer. Chris and Alice brought their kids down, and... let's just say we ate VERY well. After dinner the young ones kept badgering me to play the violin, and even when I did, Christopher (age 10) wasn't satisfied until I played some Beethoven. Kids these days... when I was their age, people actually still cared about Black Sabbath and the Dead Kennedys... Bah...

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the optimal background for displaying artwork, both on my website, and at my studio, where I show regularly. For the past few years, both have shown the art against fairly rich, midtone grays. In fact, this is the gray that was on my website prior to the redesign.



While I absolutely love the color, I ended up feeling it was absolutely too dark - to the point of skewing the perception of the paintings. I have the same problem in my studio, where the walls are a similar tone; until next week, when the repainting begins.

I think a pure white is probably too stark for either the studio or the website, and I don't really care for any of the cooler light-value colors. So I needed a light value, warm tone. For my website, I settled on this:



Although I haven't chosen the paint for the walls yet, it will probably be in a similar family - a warm, light beige, most likely. If anybody has any realworld experience in selecting wall colors for gallery-like settings, I'd be delighted to hear from them.