SoWa art walk report

So for the last several weeks, I've been going at full bore getting ready for the SoWa Art Walk, and it has come and gone now. I sold a number of paintings and made some potentially excellent contacts, for which I'm extremely pleased. The event itself, though, was unfortunately slimly attended in comparison to last year, maybe by half, maybe even more. I have some thoughts about why, ranging from factors totally out of anybody's control to things I myself could have done better; lessons learned to be applied as well as possible to the next event.

As an aside, one of the coolest things in the building this weekend was not in a studio or gallery at all. There's actually a pair of violin makers who have workshops on the 4th floor. I've been past their closed doors many times, but they were open this weekend. I did drop in and introduce myself and we talked just a little, but I didn't have time to ask to see and play any of their instruments (I've played violin since I was a child). They were doing a neat project for visitors to see. From a layer-cake of maybe 20 pieces of inch-thick pink industrial foam insulation, they were carving an enormous violin scroll... probably 4 feet long.

Having buried myself in preparations for this weekend, I've pretty much let things around the house go to hell, except for dealing with last weekend's deluge. I can tell that Sean is growing a little impatient with the unfolded laundry on the dining room table. Soooo... today, it looks like a whole day of mindless chores, but I think that's mostly OK, since I could use a mental holiday. Now where's my iPod...?