Salt Flat en plein air

Salt Flat No. 3
Oil on linen on panel
8" x 10"

This morning I was painting up in the salt flats near Essex Massachusetts (for those out of the area, it's near Gloucester, about 45 miles north of Boston). There's a conservation area that affords some really terrific long views of the flats - the tide was receding, and it was probably 5 miles to the bright patch on the right-hand horizon. I obviously found the drama of the clouds compelling, but I was also concentrating on capturing the moist quality of the air and the progression of the water. This happens to be a lot looser than my normal brushwork these days, but given the nature of the clouds in particular, the more aggressive style seemed fitting.

The work is available for purchase online - click on the image or click here. At 8"x10", it's a little bigger than what I've been offering online, but this could be a great opportunity to easily acquire one of my medium-sized paintings.