More Marsh Paintings

For the past month I've been painting with an informal plein air group north of Boston. They meet weekly, mostly around the Cape Ann area, home to the towns of Rockport, Gloucester, etc. It's a nice group; I have some friends in it, everybody seems quite personal; all in all it's a pleasant way to spend a morning painting.

There are a LOT of salt marshes in this area, and probably by default, they've been well represented in the location schedule. The marshes make great scenes for painting; moist atmospheres, intricately textured planes, unobstructed skies, and long views stretching off maybe 5 miles in some cases.

I arrived on location pretty early, so I had time for 2 sketches:

Salt Marsh No. 5
Oil on linen on panel
8" x 10"
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Salt Marsh No. 5 was my main effort for the day. For most of the morning, a silvery light cloud cover held. I tend to be really intrigued by the quality of this type of light; I love the way in imbues colors that would be so vibrant under sunlight (like the foreground greens) with an almost majestic, somber quality.

By late morning, the cloud cover broke, and I did the following sketch in a more cheerful tone. Because it's smaller and was executed much more quickly and simply, I'm including it in my Haiku series.

Haiku No. 2: Across the Salt Marshes
Oil on linen on panel
6" x 8"
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