In Orbit

Orbit No. 1
Oil on Panel
3.5 x 5.5

Many artists refer to the work they do as contemporary realism, and the fact that they put a label on it indicates a consciousness of being different from other facets of realism - say, traditional realism, I suppose. I've been thinking a little lately about what might differentiate contemporary realism from other strains in the realist... vibrant color? offbeat subject matter? unusual lighting? influences of modern technology and culture? a sense of irony, even? I think a lot of us might say we "kind of know it when we see it".

As a total non sequitur to that dangling thought: I'm exhausted. I've framed, pasted, hung, cleaned, priced, typed, stapled, drilled, and obsessed, and now I'm just about ready for tomorrow evening's show.