DaVinci Code nonsense...

Sean tells me I should never froth at the mouth here, but I just read something I can't resist, and it is vaguely arts-related after all... at least the censorship aspect. From CNN

Protests? Hunger strikes? Blocking screenings? The government of India delaying the opening? Cutting out the last 15 minutes of the film?

I'm all for not gratuitously offending anybody, particularly when religious sensibilities are concerned, but it's a BLOODY WORK OF FICTION people... Are that many people that insecure about what they believe that a 400-whatever page fairy tale makes such a credible threat???

I read the book and was mildly entertained, and didn't have any real plan to go see the movie (I don't do well in movie theaters, late-onset ADD or something). Now after 2 years of glancing at websites earnestly devoted to debunking the novel (I repeat, debunking fiction, an imaginary story, a bunch of stuff Dan Brown JUST MADE UP), and listening to howls from the looney right, I'm glad the movie's finally here. I sincerely hope it's a smashing success, and the protests generate enough interest that it leaves Titanic sputtering in it's pathetic little billion dollar wake. Who knows, I might even buy a ticket just as a show of solidarity (though I'm not sure I'd actually sit down and see it) .

A few years ago Mel Gibson came along with his big Jesus movie. I had no particular interest in seeing that one, either, but from what I gather it espoused a certain point of view. I'm pretty sure one could have found a bunch of Christians who didn't like that point of view, but he had his say, the movie played, and I say that's just fine. Now somebody else can have their say. We call that Freedom of Speech, it's the very best that America has to offer. Rather than spending my hard-won tax dollars shoring up repressive regimes around the world that encourage atmospheres of intolerance, wouldn't it be nice to make a sincere effort to actually spread some of the idealism that made us great? Oh, but I forgot, that isn't the American Way anymore...


Rant over.

Sorry Sean.

Now I can get back to thinking about painting...