Après nous, le déluge

Well, I had been hoping to get some good work done over the weekend ahead of next weekend's event, but we had this small matter of 12 some-odd inches of rain falling since thursday to contend with. All my time was spent monitoring sump pumps, arranging sandbags, digging drainage ditches, and moving anything at risk out of the basement.

It was not as much fun as it sounds.

On the bright side, it mostly paid off, as there was less than an inch of water in the basement at any one time, and for a while, we had the duck pond in the back yard we'd been talking about. Of course, others were not nearly so lucky.

And the title? Other than referring to a deluge, it has nothing to do with anything: between rain-soaked excursions outside working on preventing the pond from breaching the foundation and submerging my powertools, boxes of books, and furnace, I spent an inordinate amount of time surfing around Wikipedia. It's a wretched time sink, and I love it. Specifically, it's a chillingly accurate prediction ("After us, the deluge") attributed to Louis XV of France (things didn't work out so well for Louis XVI).