180 degrees

For the past year or so I've mostly been working very small... to the point that 8x10 has become a medium-sized painting for me. Small paintings are fun, and an interesting way to work (see the previous several posts). I love the format, they sell well, and I will continue doing them until the MacArthur Foundation grant comes through... and I will continue doing them even after that.

Lately, though, I've been feeling the need to balance out all the miniatures with some larger works. My studio had about 30 teeny tiny paintings on the wall for my last show, and it's starting to feel a little lopsided. All the small pieces are getting lost amongst each other. So for my next few shows, I'm working up some larger canvases. This morning, I returned to the same salt flats where I painted last week, though rather than doing an 8x10 sketch, I did a 24x30, which is by far the largest plein air canvas I've attempted.

Salt Marsh No. 4
Oil on Canvas
24" x 30"

As I was working, another artist by the name of Paul George came along the trail and chatted for a few minutes. I visited his website, and he turns out to be quite a fine watercolorist. Anybody who works well in that medium has my instant respect.