Melrose Arts Festival

I'm participating in an arts festival in Melrose, Massachusetts this weekend, and I must say I'm really impressed by the organization and the turnout. Last night there was an opening reception at City Hall with a benefit auction that was incredibly well attended, and the crowds for the festival itself have really surprised me. I would have to say it's on the order of 600 or 700 today alone, and it runs tomorrow as well. Serious, interested people, and buyers as well. It is certainly exceeding all my expectations, and really demonstrates that interest in the arts is strong. Bring a good group of artists together in one easily accessible place, and people will definitely come.

And... I got my first request for an autograph, from a 7 or 8 year old girl. When I was that age, I was totally immersed in playing violin. One evening we went to a concert given by a local amateur violinist, and afterwards I approached him for his autograph, as 7-year-olds will do. He was, sadly, not gracious about it, which upset me, though I made sure not to let it show. So today, it seemed like a chance to right a wrong on a very small scale, and I was happy to give Mackenzie the biggest, most flourish-filled autograph I could fit on the back of one of my postcards.