working B I G

For the past year, I've been working small... really small. I think the average size of the paintings might have been 5x7 or thereabouts. Come to think of it, it's possible that the biggest paintings I've done in the last year were a pair of 11x18 plein air pieces I did over the summer. This wasn't really conscious; it's just that on some level it's good to do a lot of work, and on another, small pieces are a lot easier to sell.

Everything moves in cycles though, and I'm now in the middle of a body of large works. I've decided to treat the paintings I made in Mexico as field sketches to be developed into larger works, and I'm also doing several companion still lifes based on Mexico-related themes, to be placed next to the landscapes. At the moment, I have 2 large (for me) canvases in progress (I'm lucky beyond words to have two studios to work in, so I can engage in simultaneous projects without undue disruption); in my home studio, I've got a 20x24 still life well underway, and in my downtown studio, I just began work on a 24x36 landscape (of the city of Guanajuato, painted from the surrounding mountains).

After working in one format -- very small -- for an extended period, it's a real liberation and excitement to make a big shift... literally... I have 6 canvases 24x30 and bigger, primed and begging for paint. Images to come soon.

And... about last night's open studio... the lights look great, I had some sharp new frames on a few pieces, a pretty decent crowd, and most importantly, I sold some art... so all in all, a good night.