In Progress

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm working on two large canvases simultaneously. One of them is the development of a large landscape from a small field sketch from Mexico. I hadn't really expected it to be a simple translation from small to large, but I'm surprised at the degree to which the two are diverging. I've now made fairly radical changes to the time of day, position of the sun, and color of the light... it's truly a different painting, and the process of discovery has become intriguing to me.

The other painting is a largish (for me: 20x24) still life. I've taken a few images of the work in progress.

The Model... images and items from Mexico:

A very quick preliminary sketch to work out composition/placement:

Placing the objects on the canvas with a thin outline of raw umber:

A color wash establishes the basic tones and values: