2 artists, same view

William Wray is a California painter whose pleine air landcapes with an often industrial theme appeal to me. He just did an interesting post where he placed his own rendering of a scene in LA next to a painting of the same scene done simultaneously by another member of his painting group.

They're both good paintings. Hers is very gentle and serene, with several near-parallel lines, an emphasis on the natural elements and crisp morning light unifying the painting (I would never even know it was in LA). His includes the overhead power lines and employs a much more angular, plunging sense of perpective, giving the painting a gritty, urgent feel.

I just love these kind of side-by-side comparisons of two artists' interpretations of the same scene. It really reminds me of the extent to which the painter's personality gets involved in filtering out and selecting different elements of exactly the same objects, resulting in completely different paintings. Anybody know of other sites which display similar side-by-side comparisons?