Traveling and Painting in Mexico

Mexico is just about my favorite place on earth. Not the border towns, or the hyper-commercialized resort cities (emblematic was a sign in english I once saw outside a restaurant in Cancun..."Real Mexican Food"). But get into the interior, into the real heart-and-soul places, and it's just wonderful. I think to me the real magic lies in a very familiar european culture which sits on top of a very alien Aztec/Mayan/Etc. culture, strains of which are still very strong and present. And it's full of incredible natural beauty. Hardly a dust-covered desert, go at the right time of year, and it's a lush riot of color. I love it.

And next thursday, I'm going there for three weeks, for painting and pleasure. My first stop will be a week in the old colonial city of Guanajuato. It's filled with 17th and 18th century architecture, and is surrounded by an impressive mountain range. The purpose of this leg is primarily for painting in and around the city. In addition, this is the birthplace of Diego Rivera, a favorite of mine, and I hope to get to the museum there.

We will then be in Mexico City for several days over Christmas. This is mostly to spend time with Sean's family. Painting in the city apparently would create some problems, but I would love it if I could whip off a sketch or two in the Zocolo, or even in the Cathedral or Templo Mayor. Not counting on that though.

Then it's off to Cuernavaca for the remainder of the time. I really love this city... beautiful, gentle, temperate. In addition, we will take some day trips to some of the archeological sites. This is a prime interest of mine, and I may try painting there as well. Last time I was there, we spent the morning at Teotihuacan. We've talked about spending the whole day there, which is really required if you want to do more than just climb the Pyramid Of The Sun. We might also go to Tula, which is a Toltec city I haven't seen, and perhaps Tepoztlan, which is amazing.

My preparations for the painting part of the trip warrant their own post, so I'll save that for later. I'm probably over-thinking and over-worrying, but I want this to go very, very well.