Small Paintings Display

I'm doing a few shows of mostly small works for the rest of the year, and I've been struggling with how to best display them. I could simply have hung them side by side as I do with the larger work, but that somehow lacks any real visual appeal. One nice feature of my studio is that there is a floating wall about 12 feet long by 8 feet high, set off about 6 feet from the outside wall. This makes a great natural display space. Until now, I've been displaying my larger pieces there, but I've decided to try something else.

I constructed a new hanging system by gold-painting several 1" x 2" x 6' strips of poplar and attaching a few nails at evenly spaced intervals. These are suspended from my regular hanging-rail, and the paintings placed directly on the strips. When I was thinking about this, I was frankly dubious, but in the end, I think it looks great, and I'll use this more often.