Rockport afternoon

This afternoon Sean and I spent a few hours in Rockport, where a friend of mine was having an opening at the Rockport Art Association. Good show Eva!

After sampling some of the local fudge, we walked around town a bit. Sean remarked that Motif #1 was much smaller than he'd imagined. My reply was somthing along the lines of "the paintbrush always adds a few feet". I would have though that by this point Motif #1 would be a dead subject, and nobody would be interested in painting or buying it. Seems that's not the case; Eva assures me that she sells as many paintings of it as she can make.

I haven't been up to Rockport for a few years; there are more galleries than I remember. In fact, it seems like every other window on Main St. has paintings hanging in it. It's almost like Disney Art-world. It wouldn't be like that if there wasn't money involved, but I have to wonder if that's really sustainable. Rockport's a tiny village with nothing but fishing and tourism... are that many people buying art while on vacation?