Fresh Paint: Tomato Pesto

OK, well, this is supposed to be about painting, so... less chattering, more art:

Newly Completed Work:

Tomato Pesto
Oil on Canvas on Panel
5" x 4"
October 5, 2005

And this is a work in progress I'm doing as a commission:

My client had been to my studio on a saturday and liked one painting in particular. Later in the afternoon, the painting sold. When he contacted me a few days after that, I offered to make a similar work for him. I don't generally offer to make exact copies, since it's less interesting for me, and it dilutes the uniqueness of the work. After all, a large part of the appeal of collecting original art is that it is one of a kind. So for this painting, I'm retaining the bottle of oil, which was a prominent feature of the prior painting, but everything else is changed.